Launch UAS is your complete solution for aerial services using UAS. This is achieved through our three service groups: Commercial, Industrial and Creative. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and flying anywhere you need us, we strive to be the leader in aerial inspections by delivering safe, high quality, cost effective solutions for our clients.

Our operating strategy is simple:
Launch UAS Aerial Services

Respect you, our clients, and work tirelessly to fully understand your needs and educate you on the advantages of Launch UAS aerial services.

Launch UAS Recruiting

Recruit and utilize only the most qualified professionals
If you are interested in joining us, we invite you to learn how to here.

Launch UAS Operate

Operate within the parameters set by the Launch UAS Operating Management System
to standardize operations and achieve the highest quality data capture and post-processing.

What makes us stand out
from the competition?

Committed to safe and responsible operations
Committed to our customers. Your success is our success!
Respectful of the privacy of our clients and their operations
Over 5 years' inspection experience
Launch UAS Operating Management System (OMS) defines the way we work to deliver consistent services
Launch UAS Pilots are FAA Part 107 qualified and have completed TSA background checks
Launch UAS inspection professionals are qualified Engineers & Thermographers
Launch UAS has $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage and up to $5,000,000 when requested

The launch UAS Promise
2-Day data access You will have access to your data within 48 hours of inspection via Launch UAS Cloud.
Inclement Weather
We provide complimentary inspections following adverse weather incidents.
Inspection Alerts We notify you of any critical issues your report may indicate to help expedite remediation planning.
Data Quality
You are guaranteed the data is accurate and comprehensive.

What We Do

Launch UAS delivers the highest quality aerial inspection services available, specializing in commercial property and industrial inspections. With a growing network of FAA-certified pilots, our team of professionally trained, certified UAS pilots and thermographers exceed industry standards and client expectations.

Our extensive portfolio of aerial inspection services is designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed, risk-based decisions about your property or asset. We work with you to provide honest, thorough, competitively priced inspections that are backed by the Launch UAS Promise.

We utilize high definition imagery and combine this with the latest, state of the art aerial infrared sensors to perform detailed evaluations. The data we obtain is then transformed into effective, comprehensive and precise reports that empower you to make well informed, strategic, risk-based decisions about your asset.

Make Informed Decision
You want the best information to make informed decisions and minimize losses. That's exactly what we deliver.

All of our inspection reports include observations of current conditions and highlight concerning areas. If areas are in need of immediate repair, we pinpoint the location and size of the affected area which can be used to expedite accurate repair planning.

If requested, we work with preferred contractors to get our clients a competitively-priced repair solution. This helps our clients by speeding up repair time and minimizing their risk exposure.

Our Process

Like you, we are invested in your success and the health of your property or asset. We have crafted and honed a standardized process that is proven to deliver the most comprehensive, reliable reports that empower you to make informed, risk-based decisions about the health of your property or asset. With consistent, timely reports, you can develop long-term maintenance plans with supporting cost estimates allowing you to plan your business more effectively.

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Be in control of the situation - Manage your assets responsibly

Many of our clients choose to partner with Launch UAS to assess the condition of their property over its lifetime. Performing routine inspections over time provides consistent insight on the health of your property or asset. This proactive philosophy allows you to identify and evaluate trends in its condition, minimizing operational disruption and maximizing its longevity.

Asset management - Achieve peace of mind

With our data management platform, you have access to all of your reports in one place - Launch UAS Cloud. Accumulating multiple inspections performed and evaluated over time demonstrates responsible ownership and can also support your listing when it's time to sell.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems; also known as Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV's; an aircraft without a pilot on board.


Infrared Thermal Imaging; advanced photography or videography that captures radiation; example - ITI is used to take pictures of roofs to find trouble spots. When the roof cools, wet spots not visible to the naked eye continue to emit heat. Infrared cameras read the heat that is trapped in sections of wet insulation.


Launch UAS utilizes the latest, most advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) along with a reliable data management platform to ensure you have access to your data within 48 hours of the inspection. Launch UAS utilizes the same technology across all three of our service groups - Commercial, Industrial and Creative.

Our current fleet utilizes the DJI Inspire 1 platform for its versatility, proven reliability and stability.
Coupling these platforms with a state of the art gimbal system allows Launch UAS to capture stable, accurate data to make informed decisions and exceed our clients' expectations.

Launch UAS Technology

The Launch UAS fleet is comprised of two main aerial systems, each with their own unique purpose. We utilize both systems for commercial and industrial inspections to obtain complete and comprehensive data. For our creative service group, we only need to utilize the high definition imagery system to capture RAW images and footage that we can post-process into impressive products for our clients.

Launch UAS High Definiation Videography

Inspire 1 (High Definition Imagery)
Provides high definition photography and videography

Powered by FLIR

Inspire 1 (Infrared)
Powered by FLIR this system provides high quality infrared data

Launch UAS uses only the highest quality, state of the art technology

We are constantly evaluating the market and technological advancements to ensure that we provide industry leading solutions to our clients.

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