DJI’s Rugged New M210 RTK Fears No Weather:  A Review

The technology powering unmanned aerial systems (UAS) advances every day.  In order to stay at the top of our game, we evaluate the latest equipment and systems to make sure we’re using only the greatest available.

Launch UAS is considering adding the latest DJI’s Matrice 210 RTK drone to the fleet.  This beast was designed for industrial use, but adventure photographers and photojournalists are loving this ultra-rugged, extremely versatile drone. Even freezing temperatures and pouring rain don’t stop it from performing. It’s basically the U.S. postal worker of the drone family.

A high-performance motor, 17-inch propellers, IP43 protection, and self-heating dual batteries ensure the drone stays in the air and maintains stability even in strong winds, rain, or sub-zero temperatures. And once in the air, the M210 RTK series can use DJI’s Zenmuse Z30, X4S, X5S, or the thermal XT cameras, attached either below or above the drone. In fact, with the M210, you can even attach a dual-gimbal and use two of these cameras at once.

Check out DJI’s announcement video for a good overview of the rugged new drone’s features.

In addition to these features, DJI included an FPV camera on the front to let pilots see where they’re going, and while they film something else, sensors all around the drone keep the M210 from hitting anything in its surroundings. The M210 RTK also has high-precision GPS positioning technology with “centimeter level” accuracy and resistance to magnetic interference.

Pricing information for the Matrice 200 series hasn’t been posted publicly, but interested customers can put in a pre-order for the M200, M210, and M210 RTK through ‘official DJI Dealers’ by filling out a form on the DJI website. Ordered drones are scheduled to ship sometime in Q2.

So, are we convinced?

“Launch UAS is evaluating adding these systems to our operations to continue to deliver high value products and services to our clients,” says Brian Mees, Launch UAS Founder and Chief UAS Pilot. “The M210 RTK system is an incredibly versatile UAS that we can use for our industrial service group, or anything else our client may need it for.”

Safe flying.

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