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Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.
- Henry Ford
The Launch UAS Network is a premier group of professional UAS pilots flying commercially around the United States.

The Network connects UAS pilots from across the nation to share best practices, experiences, and business strategies.

Launch UAS Recruiting
We are recruiting in the United States!
Join us - become a Launch UAS pilot!

Our candidates are experienced UAS pilots who:

Own a commercial grade UAS
(at a minimum, DJI Inspire 1 or equivalent)
Have or are capable of achieving the FAA Part 107 license

Many of our network members are hobbyists who are looking to take the next step towards operating professionally, either on a full or part-time basis. Some have even considered launching their own professional aerial services company, but aren't sure where to start, or if they want to make the financial investment.

Launch UAS has made it possible for you to turn your hobby into a revenue-generating opportunity for qualified UAS pilots. Launch UAS has:
  • Amassed an extensive knowledge of UAS and the growing demand for our services
  • Made the high capital investment to create an established business with all needed processes and components for success
  • Developed efficient company standards and practices
  • Crafted an effective marketing strategy to grow business and client base
  • Contracted legal experts to handle any matters necessary, including client agreements
  • Completed all required FAA processes and waivers and will support future applications
  • Established the Launch UAS Network, opening the door for UAS pilots to take their hobby to the next level


When you join the Launch UAS Network, you connect with a group of professional UAS pilots around the country who enjoy benefits such as:

  • Low start-up costs
    Launch UAS offers a low-cost platform to fly professionally as a commercial UAS pilot.
  • Quick Upstart
    Fully operational within 14 days of signing the Launch UAS Network agreement.
  • Opportunities for improvement
    Learn from other pilots across the network, through the Launch UAS Risk Management Process, to improve the way you deliver aerial services.
  • Regulatory or legal support
    Our team will support you through any regulatory or legal challenges you may encounter.
  • Professional support
    We will support and guide you through the delivery of professional commercial, industrial and creative aerial services.
  • Professional branding and marketing
    All Launch UAS pilots receive:
    • Under Armour company branded shirt and cap
    • Professional customized business cards for a great first impression
    • Company email address for professional communications
    • Powerful marketing brochures to help drive revenue
    • A razor flag to support safe operations
  • Insurance coverage
    Standard commercial coverage is $1,000,000 for personal injury and property damage. If needed, Launch UAS can provide up to $5,000,000 liability coverage.
  • Standardized client contracts
    To engage with clients effectively.
  • Website presence
    Your location will be featured on the Launch UAS website.
  • Secure site for data management
    You will have access to the Launch UAS Cloud and be provided with an individual account.
  • Standardized operations
    Launch Operating Management System is a detailed framework that defines how we work and standardizes operations.
  • Company-wide standard invoicing
    Central system to streamline client engagement.
  • Networking opportunities
    Regular webinar network meetings to share best practices, experiences, and business strategies.
  • Preferred rates
    For industry training, insurance coverage and industry applications.
  • Work at your own pace
    Whether flying part or full time Launch UAS can accommodate your schedule.
  • Business Development
    Launch UAS is committed to help drive business in your area of operation.

Unlimited Earning Potential

The Network is poised for continued growth, and we are committed to support business development efforts in your area of operation. We encourage you to bring in new clients independently as well, and we offer bonus incentives for all new business you secure. All Launch UAS Network pilots receive compensation for each job completed, whether flying full or part-time

Join the Launch UAS Network

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