Launch UAS Updates Operating Management System for Continued Growth

To better position Launch UAS for growth as we continue to provide the highest level of services and security to our clients, we have reviewed and updated our operating management system (OMS). The updated OMS is fundamental in supporting the company as it standardizes how we operate across the board. The newly updated OMS truly reflects our company values and will allow growth in a systematic and controlled manner within the ever changing commercial UAS regulations.

“The updated Launch UAS Operating Management System defines the way we work,” stated Brian Mees, Launch UAS Founder and Chief UAS Pilot.

In summary, Launch UAS values are:

  • Safety. Our goal is no accidents and no harm to people during our flight operations. We are committed to safe UAS flight operations because safe operations are critical for a successful business. Safety doesn’t happen by accident; it is an ongoing, continuous process, managed through all aspects of UAS operations.
  • Excellence. To reach our goal of becoming “the preferred choice of aerial services in the USA”, everything we do needs to be excellent. Launch UAS is committed to demonstrating excellence throughout all aspects of our business to provide clients with industry-leading service.
  • Respect. Company success is built on a culture of respect, where the views and opinions of our clients and pilots are encouraged. At Launch UAS, we aim to build positive, long-lasting, respectful relationships with both clients and pilots.

You can learn more about what drives us by visiting our website.

Safe flying.

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