Why partner with Launch UAS?

If your current operating strategy is to run to failure without the use of aerial inspections, it is time to reconsider.

With UAS technological advancements, it is now safer and more cost effective than ever to implement an aerial asset inspection service. Launch UAS inspections provide peace of mind and offer a cost effective solution so you can be proactive rather than reactive. With our detailed reports, you can understand the condition of your asset and make informed decisions to protect your investment.

is greater
than a cure

Regardless of the roof type, leaks can and often will happen. They can significantly damage the roof's structure, the building and its contents unless they are quickly identified and corrected. The tricky part is identifying the source of the leak in the first place. If water penetrates the roof's outer membrane, it can travel a long distance before the damage is visible inside the property. This is where infrared thermal imagery is essential to effectively pinpoint the source of the leak and its flow path, identify the size of the affected area and correct the root cause of the problem.

Launch UAS uses infrared thermography to find trouble spots. After a day in the sun, when the roof is cooling, wet spots not visible to the naked eye continue to emit heat. This heat signal is captured by our infrared cameras, analyzed by our experts and shared with you for review. Our technology and approach is what differentiates Launch UAS aerial inspections from traditional methods. If an impending threat is detected, we notify you immediately to help expedite repair and minimize your downtime.

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You need a strategic partner with the tools and knowledge to help you reliably manage your asset's condition. Launch UAS offers long-term coverage plans that provide routine aerial inspections to identify minor problems before they become major issues and impact your business. Our inspection professionals will analyze historical reports and inform you of concerning trends - providing you the information you need to make risk-based decisions in a timely and cost-effective manner, minimizing high-cost repairs over the lifetime of your assets.

Launch UAS commercial and industrial inspections use the latest high definition imagery and infrared technology.


Benefits of Launch UAS

Safe operations
Cost effective
Efficient analysis and reporting
Non-invasive inspections
Target problem areas easily
Standardized data capture
Compliment warranty or insurance claims
Identify maintenance needs

Our expertise helps minimize business impact, maximize your assets' longevity and reduce the cost associated with a "run to failure model".

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What we offer


The majority of commercial buildings in the U.S. are flat-roof structures. When correctly installed and maintained, a roof can last as long as twenty years, but it is estimated that 40% of these structures will develop problems within the first year of installation. When these problems go unseen or untreated, the roof is likely to fail within 7 years of installation. When you consider the exorbitant cost of replacing a roof, doesn't it make sense to take an offensive strategy to prevent, assess, and treat problems before they lead to complete failure?

Commercial flat roofs last longer if they are properly inspected and maintained. Industry experts recommend that roofs be inspected semi-annually and after major storms to assess for damage and required maintenance. When you partner with Launch UAS for long-term inspection plans, this is exactly what you get and is part of the Launch UAS Promise.


With Launch UAS infrared thermal imaging inspections, we see what you can't.

Latent moisture or condensation
Displaced or missing insulation
Leaks in HVAC systems and ductwork
Internal structural issues that may be potential problems
Electrical hotspots that may be potential fire hazards
Air leakages that reduce energy efficiency

Launch UAS can assist you with:

Regular InspectionPerform semi-annual inspections on your asset and determine the overall health of the commercial building.

Buying commercial real estateYou need to know exactly what you're getting when you purchase commercial real estate. Aerial inspections provide an overall view of the entire roof for an accurate evaluation in a shorter period of time than traditional methods.

Insurance ClaimsConventional claims rely on manual inspections, a "man on the roof" situation. These inspections can be dangerous and it may be weeks before the analysis is completed. An aerial inspection speeds up the data capture and claim process.

Selling commercial real estateMaintaining a lengthy service report of your assets shows responsible ownership when it is time to sell. Real estate shouldn't be a guessing game, and aerial inspections can avoid unexpected property devaluation.

Warranty claimsAfter a new roof is installed or maintenance work has been completed, it is unlikely that a third party inspection is conducted. The roof may not have been installed properly or it may have a minor fault that will worsen over time. Aerial inspections can assess the integrity of newly installed or repaired roofs to support these claims.

When our team of inspection experts identify a problem that requires repair, we can recommend a number of reputable roofing contractors who will provide preferential rates for repairs.

Regardless of which repair contractor you hire, our high definition imagery inspection provides survey data that supports an accurate repair quote, minimizing the repair time and personnel on your roof.


What we offer


ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMSElectrical power and utility services are always in demand. People around the globe rely on electricity to make life and business happen. In order to continuously provide reliable electrical power and other utilities, the most successful energy companies are turning to aerial thermal imaging as a qualitative maintenance tool as part of their routine inspection programs.

Routine thermal inspections on live industrial systems help minimize production losses by identifying electrical hot spots in need of repair. This information is critical to avoid unplanned failures of these systems and help schedule routine maintenance. Aerial thermal inspections have unique advantages over traditional inspections. They are inherently safer, and the aerial perspective allows for improved understanding of the entire system condition.

The objective is to prevent sudden outages. The key is Launch UAS thermal inspections.

Solar PanelsThe solar power industry is rapidly developing to become one of the world's largest sources of power. Many solar power plants are facing harsh environmental conditions and are difficult to reach for inspection, making facility maintenance a constant challenge for solar operators. With our state of the art equipment and highly trained team of FAA certified pilots, Launch UAS can quickly and safely inspect your solar panels. We will identify overheated or broken solar modules to help you provide uninterrupted generation of electricity.

Launch UAS can provide quick, effortless and cost-effective monitoring for a single home or the largest of solar plants.


Rely on Launch UAS to inspect your industrial facility

Power Lines
Wind Turbines
Tower & Bridge Structures
Train Paths
Substations Facilities
Hydroelectric Facilities
Agricultural Equipment and Land
Forestry and Mining Operations
Construction and Maintenance Operations
Electrical Power Generation Facilities


What we offer


For real estate agents who need their property listings to stand out from the crowd, Launch UAS provides aerial photography and videography services.

Showcasing a property from an aerial perspective gives buyers a unique bird's eye view of the building and surrounding landscape, a view they cannot get anywhere else. This large-scale viewpoint is impressive and can be the differentiator that gets your listing sold.

The Launch UAS team of FAA-certified pilots capture photos or videos of your property listings and package up the data for quick publication to shorten your listings' time on the market.

All of your images will be safe and easily accessed via the Launch UAS Cloud.

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